1. Listen: Bonham - Drift

    It’s quite hypnotic and I really like the cover art. You can find more from Bonham here.

  2. Listen: Vindata - All I Really Need Feat. Kenzie May

    This song is great - and I’m all about Kenzie May and the organs in the back. The lyrics are fantastic too so you know, all in all A++. 

  3. Listen: Psychologist - When Particles Collide

    He made me cry with ‘Comes in Waves' over and over again, and now he's back with a gripping track, that resembles more of the darker stuff from his first EP. If you haven't caught on to Psychologist, do it now.

  4. Listen: Twin Atlantic - Free

    It’s great because they have scottish accents and they’re singing and it’s super cute. Twin Atlantic have been around for ages, but I just heard this song and thought it was great so now it’s here for you to also hear.

    "WWWHhhhheoooo, wheres your passion, wheres your fire tonight?" 

  5. Listen: Le1f - Boom

    Actually I wasn’t too impressed with Le1f’s live performance that I saw on TV, I was hoping for something super sassy and fierce but it was a lil dull. Anyway still got love and showing it on his latest track ‘boom’. Which is great and fierce and sassy, so all world order balance peace is restored, etc. Holalaaa.

  6. Listen: World Tour - Surreal

    World Tour aims at making you feel so surreal with their latest single after a two year hiatus in the mountains forging excalibur in music form. Enjoy.

  7. Listen: Gallant - Die Young (Ke$ha Cover)

    You may know I’m a big fan of the ol’ cover, especially when one artist completely changes a song to create something that is indeed it’s own. What Gallant has done here is simply to die for (lol, cuz of the song name, lol). I gotta give mad props also to the ever talented Felix Snow for this too.

    Just shows you what Ke$ha is really all about.

  8. Listen: The Silver Liners - Criminal

    I love summer indie pop tunes, they make me feel good, they make me feel happy and energetic and I love all the peaceful vibes that are emitted from the music. The Silver Liners are a band from US who have been around for a while - this song is about a year old, but they’ve got new music about as well, so not to worry huh.

  9. Listen: Favela - Easy Yoke

    Check out how peaceful this lovely track from Favela is, it’s an easy yoke.

  10. Listen: Deptford Goth - Feel Real

    I want to put this on repeat and lie in some clouds and just kinda wait for the feeling of being real consumes me. Deptford Goth impressed everyone with his debut album but it’s always nice to have a reminder on good music, so here it is.


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