1. Listen: Elli Ingram - C’ Dawha (Prod. Felix Joseph & Aston Rudi)

    'C' Dawha' is taken from The Doghouse, which is out now!

  2. Listen: Zella Day - Sweet Ophelia

    This one from Zella Day is worth a bit of a listen, if you’re into that sort of thing.

  3. Listen: Hugo - ‘I Am Not Hugo’ EP

    Listen to the debut EP of so called ‘EmoPop’ artist Hugo, who wants us all to be a part of Hugo, or at least tells us we are Hugo. 

    You may like this is you’re into Woodkid, I got very similar vibes initially.

  4. Listen: Rhodes - Your Soul

    Fantastic song by UK’s Rhodes, with a beautiful and energetic chorus. Rhodes is currently playing live shows around the UK and will be doing a couple with new superstar Sam Smith.

  5. Listen: Nick Leng - Walking Home

    Here’s one from Nick Leng, that explores a dreamy landscape of speckled sunlight and dew drops of tree leaves under a foresty canopy.


  6. Listen: Soak - Blud

  7. Listen: Talos - Tethered Bones

    This is quite beautiful. The first single from new artist Talos.

  8. Listen: Bonham - Drift

    It’s quite hypnotic and I really like the cover art. You can find more from Bonham here.

  9. Listen: Vindata - All I Really Need Feat. Kenzie May

    This song is great - and I’m all about Kenzie May and the organs in the back. The lyrics are fantastic too so you know, all in all A++. 

  10. Listen: Psychologist - When Particles Collide

    He made me cry with ‘Comes in Waves' over and over again, and now he's back with a gripping track, that resembles more of the darker stuff from his first EP. If you haven't caught on to Psychologist, do it now.


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