1. Kenzie May - Hide & Seek


    What to say, about Kenzie May? To be honest I don’t really know much about her.. let’s see. She’s 19, born in Boston, raised in London, is a bit of a babe from what I can tell. She potentially likes snakes, flax and being weird. She referred to herself as a space cadet in a tweet to somebody that may have possibly been her friend. 

    She’s released a couple of demos on Soundcloud, and most recently the track below, 'Hide & Seek’, which is surprisingly mature sounding for a first single.Experimental, catchy, fun, pop, pop pop. I think she’s about to blow up, and not in a literal sense, because that would be pretty fucking miserable wouldn’t it. Listen below and enjoy.

    Also - based on ‘yesthatcanbemynexttweet' she would say 'Dude. fuck being sick. I’m going and we dance we dance we basically reenact a free copy of course boo!

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