Truls - Out Of Yourself

I just found the best thing Norway has given to the world of music since Black Metal. Hello Truls. His entire web presence (apart from soundcloud) is all in Norwegian, so it’s a bit difficult for me to understand, but it sounds cool when you read it out loud. Try it: 'Offisiell side. Første singel “Out Of Yourself” ble sluppet 8.februar og kan kjøpes her.’ Which is basically saying his single out on February the 8th which you can buy at itunes. Alright, I’m a little bit late on the boat on this one, but isn’t ‘sluppet’ a great word. ‘Sluppet’.  

Not only is ‘sluppet’ great, but so is the aforementioned new single ‘Out Of Yourself' which you can check out below or if so inclined watch the kind of creepy Youtube video that accompanies it. I’m getting hard Passion Pit vibes from this track and I must admit I’ve been listening to it relentlessly over the past couple of days. Dat voice, dem lyrics, dat beat. Get on it, it’s amazing and you’re gonna love it. ‘Sluppet’.

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